I guess this is how the cosmic bodies are going to explain why I'm a weirdo, with little bits from Ellias Lonsdale's Inside Degrees.

VIRGO RISING (0°) a volcano erupting at night.
Virgo Rising is very shy in new situations. I'll find myself uninteresting and dull, but I am curious of everything around me and can absorb huge amounts of information, including the discomfort and health of my own body. I am detail-oriented and a magnet to those in need, yet reluctant to take credit. This usually causes me to feel inferior due to being overly modest. I can adapt to change but it depends on my current willpower, and I may complain. I seek perfection and sometimes find it difficult to accept less in others, but I'm not very self-assertive myself. I can be extremely organized and terribly messy. I am dependable but I have anxiety. I get nervous when I have nothing to do.

someone lurking in a dark wood. they are waiting for a passerby.
Aloof at times, but I might actually be deeper than others believe. I get fulfillment when I help people. I empathize with almost everyone because I feel myself in almost everyone, but I absorb too much from them and my surroundings. I must reserve time to recharge myself or I will drown in it. I will try to avoid those who radiate with perpetual negativity. I have an uncanny ability to understand what I have not actually experienced, and my curiosity is of a reckless caliber. When I feel unappreciated, I cave into a fantasy world. Compassion was lacking in my younger years, so I am mindful in sharing it with others, but I have to remember that I have the right to get what I want from life, lest people take advantage of me.

"You are essentially engulfed by deep shadows with outward shows of light. But truly you cannot play it any other way."

LIBRA SUN (6°) a baby with two sets of teeth.
A maven for beauty, I especially admire harmony. Though, at times I might compromise my personality while bending over backwards to create balance. I don't like to be alone. I try to understand other points of view, and I'm tolerant of the failings and weaknesses of others. I can also be indecisive, weighing all the options, but once my mind is made up, I can be very single-minded. But I am destined to explode, swinging back and forth between my abrasive and gentle nature. I can be timid. I sometimes am very calm and graceful in bad situations, yet I have the capability to fly into a rage. I need to work on my own self-worth because I focus too much on what is around me. I observe and perceive. I must learn how to make the most out of every situation.

MERCURY IN LIBRA (27°) a black leopard beneath a full moon.
I am a natural diplomat. I see all sides to everything, but it may cause me to become indecisive. I will drive myself mad trying to make everyone happy. I am intelligent but I don't push it on anyone. I can be objective because I think in the abstract, and perhaps sometimes I am fond of playing the devil's advocate. I prefer quiet discussions instead of arguments. Mental connections are very important to me. I am good at networking, but my laziness may cause me to let those connections slip.

VENUS IN VIRGO (9°) a man mixing cement.
A simple hermit. I am detached, hard to reach, but reveal myself in layers, in which I am meticulous of my appearance, emotionally and physically. I tend to doubt my self-worth. I yearn to feel needed, though my small advances tend to go unnoticed and I turn off. Yet, my attention to detail is superb. I am observant of individuals, their likes and dislikes. I see their potential and analyze their flaws. Tragically, I am critical to those closest to me, wicked but balanced with ample affection. I may often trap myself with people that are bad for me, believing that I can help them. I see it as a project.

MARS IN SCORPIO (1°) a tunnel through a mountain.
Mars in Scorpio takes its scorpion traits to the extreme. I am quiet, calculated, and kept, making me a formidable enemy with an incredible intuition and an immense depth of emotion, truly feeling everything around me. I frequently test people and myself. While you're trying to figure me out, I have already read you like a book. It takes a great deal of hurt to anger me, while I am keen to hide my true wrath. Once my threshold is surpassed, I embrace my Scorpio nature with a vengeance that is calm but rather frightening. The slow burn delights me. I let my fury fester until the perfect opportunity strikes, unleashing myself with full force and depth where it hurts the most. To forgive and forget is not a quality of mine, but sarcasm and irony is. As I mature, I become subtly provocative and less turbulent. I attach great significance to everything I do and strive to master all my ventures with a concentrated energy. There is no middle ground for me; either I fail or I excel. My interests are never just casual. I shed what is unnecessary.

I am the ominous candle flickering at the end of the hallway.

"When darkness comes, you need more darkness if you're ever going to find the light. For you are being pulled through the collective nightmare by an immense evolutionary force, and that means feeling everything, experiencing all of it."

a man with a single horn coming out of his forehead
I am a natural at graceful mediating. Intellectually adventurous. Open-minded and impartial. I observe all sides of an issue. I am very considerate and understand the element of compromise, though I can be very persuasive. I strive to make everything harmonious. Observing how I interact with others will help me learn more about myself. Developing a strong sense of self will help me care less of what others think of me, but I may become condescending. Otherwise, I am humorous and hearty.

"You cross over and are never the same, seeing what truly is in all of its glory. And coming in fullness of time to claim the timeless ways once again on the next spiral. The rarest of natures is peeking out from behind a picture book and manifesting in ordinary life, with extraordinary clarity."

SATURN IN AQUARIUS (24°) a moustache.
I concentrate. I have a scientific mind and a difficulty making friends. I need structure in my life, but it will be unconventional. I need something to unleash my ideas onto, even when impractical. I will either come off as strong and scientific, or cold and opinionated.

URANUS IN CAPRICORN (18°) a black leopard with green eyes.
The ambition of my generation is complemented with a strong sense of responsibility. We can be very stubborn and erratic, as well as restless, impulsive, and flexible. Sudden changes in surroundings and employment are likely, but we do like careful and conservative structure. We take joy in challenges. We can tolerate the differences in people and we are good at gaining trust from the public. We have the talent in seeing coming trends long in advance. Perhaps we will bring permanent reform.

NEPTUNE IN CAPRIORN (18°) a black leopard with green eyes.
Detail work is a strength of my generation. We concentrate on problems until they are solved, and we try to be selfless and giving. We tend to become melancholic, and we cave in when this happens. We like having authority. We envision smooth systems, responsive to the needs of all those involved, but the harsh reality of things frustrates us.

PLUTO IN SCORPIO (23°) a collection of dolls.
My generation understands emotions. What is hiding, we can bring into light. We will unearth research and discovery. We naturally filter out the obvious and focus on the darker, secret motives of those around us, though we may become in denial. We can face our own wounds as well as those we inflicted on others. We question authority. We fight for the unconventional.

"Becoming bound up with subtle and hidden layers of existence and tuned out of what is obvious and straightforward."