Citrouille Cosmetics is inspired by nature.


Their ultra silky liquid lipstick formula is infused with castor oil, coconut oil, and vitamin E, but you'll have to make sure to mix well before applying. It is lightweight and glides on readily. It's also very comfortable and moisturizing, without ever cracking.

My lips are much darker at the edges and I found that I need a couple (or more) layers to balance it out due to the thin consistency. It's not so sheer but not so opaque. It does have more of a natural feel due to the thin coverage.


Lilac Wood is a hazy lilac, like mauve.

Lilac is associated with love and helps to reduce fevers and promote physical healing. The flowers have a pleasant smell and taste but may cause a slight numbness in the tongue.


Anise is a reddish wood, brown with a red-orange tinge.

Anise above the bed may restore lost youth; in pillows may ward off nightmares. It is also used for mending the stomach, sinuses, lungs, and female hormone.

I. Lilac Wood II. Anise

Note: This product DOES NOT imbue the magical or medical properties of its sources of inspiration.