garden and micranthemum
Micranthemum Monte Carlo is a creeping carpet plant with little round leaves. The genus Micranthemum is also known as mudflower. It's been two months and my aquatic carpet isn't compact yet. I do need to trim it soon to let it divert its energy and nutrients to the lower creepers. Right now, I don't really mind because the tank inhabitants

spooky lithops

garden and lithops
Halloween is coming up and Lithops plants are pretty spooky. They're so low-maintenance that it's confusing and they're not very forgiving either. My first Lithops was already squishy when I got it, and I thought I could nurture it but it doesn't work that way. Dead. SPRING Water once the old leaves have withered SUMMER Water ONLY when wrinkled (heat

baby toe bloom

garden and fenestraria
Native to subtropical deserts, Fenestraria rhopalophylla is a winter grower that may bloom some time between winter to early spring. SPRING Soak fully and allow to dry SUMMER Light sprinkling (heat = no growth) AUTUMN Soak fully and allow to dry WINTER Light, sporadic watering It can sometimes be confused with Frithia pulcha, which is also sometimes called baby toes but

grow little lithops

garden and lithops
Lithops love to grow during cool times. Below is a month-span time lapse of another one, with two weeks between each picture: December 21 January 07 January 23 And last, five days after the above picture: January 27

ghostly gems

garden and graptopetalum
The Ghost Plant offshoot from a month ago now has two little ones next to it! Plus, there's a really tiny one budding out above the pink one. And the first leaf cutting below has sprouted its own plantlet too! Not only that, but the stalk with all the offshoots has been blooming since mid-April!